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Grutz 12-14-06 03:07 AM

Warrior Rage Meter?
Hello, I was wondering if their was a Rage meter Mod for warriors: Also I was wondering if there was one that counted the rage points per hit. (kinda like when a priest casts renew and you see the +### of health regened.) I think both of these would be nice for a warrior to have. Please tell me where or if there is such a Mod. Thanks! :)

break19 01-08-07 06:02 AM

so whats wrong with using the one blizzard includes?

Go into Interface Options -> Advanced, use scrolling combat text, and make sure rage is shown..

I show rage gains every time..

Ghraf 01-08-07 11:03 PM

No it doesn't... Where's the option to check? I see nothing about rage...

Edit: I found the option, but it doesn't show any rage gains for some reason... (I'm a warrior yes...)

Dreadlorde 01-26-07 01:41 PM

you could use SCT and SCTD with the SCT & SCTD options.

sid67 01-26-07 02:14 PM

Rage power gains sound nice, but arent worth much IMHO. Your better off using MSBT Cooldowns and TakHUD. The cooldown mod will tell you when your cooldown expires and TakHUD includes a nice horizontal rage meter.

To the person who asked...what's wrong with the default UI... Lots:)

Nordh 02-02-07 07:48 AM

DHUD is also nice, what I use and you get into it really fast. I have the rage gains (not that many...) on the side of it to the right. Works pretty good.

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