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Conbearbk 03-23-07 11:54 PM

Short: Tools need UI change In WoW
What tools are need to change UI in WoW that works for a MAC. Is there any code that I need to learn? Please point me in the right direction! BTW Im heading off I subscribed to the thread, i will touch base with this later.

Beladona 03-24-07 12:01 AM

1) your best teacher is to take an existing addon and use it as a reference. Something simple is best, and learning to change things like text strings and various other code is a really good way to start

2) if you have already learned to program using other languages, you have a head start. Learning Lua is very easy compared to most other, more strict, languages

3) is your friend. Visit the Global API and Widget sections to get ideas on what you can do in Lua in WOW.

4) Understanding XML is VERY helpful, although not absolutely necessary for most projects

5) Last but not least. Do not hesitate to ask questions. There are peoplearound willing to help that have been doing this fro day one. Myself, Clad, and Iriel will always be looking around the forums for ways to assist people, so ask and we will try to help, time allowing.

Conbearbk 03-24-07 12:07 AM

All that for User Interface? I just want to change the skins of exp/health/energy/mana/rage bar

Beladona 03-29-07 08:17 AM

Replied to your pm. just posting this for anyone wondering if you had been helped yet. For anyone else interested in what I gave him here it is. The energy bar (Mana, Rage, Power) can be changed with the variables located at lines 2 through 7 here:

You should be able to change the values in this table directly as follows:

-- mana color changed to purple
ManaBarColor[0].r = 1;
ManaBarColor[0].g = 0;
ManaBarColor[0].b = 1;

I tested this in game, and the default game mechanics handle using the colors you specify, so you don't need to do anything special other than change those color values. The healthbar is a little different however. It supports color changing based on health, so the values for color are a bit more hardcoded into a function located here:

To change it you would need to hook that function, and replace the values with ones you wanted. I am not a big fan of hooking however, so I might recommend a different approach:

local frame = CreateFrame('Frame', nil, UIParent);
frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function()

Just replace the r, g, and b in the SetStatusBarColor widget with the colors you want, and you are done. The health bar SHOULD be forced to the color you specify. Take what I put here with a grain of salt. I didn't really thoroughly test this, so it is more or less something I just threw together in 5 minutes.

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