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borbies 04-19-07 01:04 AM

Turbo keypress?
As I hunter I have to 'button-mash' a lot. I was wondering if there are any add-ons/programs/hardware that would allow me to just hold a button to have it auto-repeat kinda like the turbo options are on gamepads?

Tweeker 04-19-07 01:35 AM

what buttons are you mashing alot?
Theres macros you can make... somthing like
/castsequence hunter's mark,concussive shot,serpent sting,arcane shot
Then ya only gotta mash one key... and the icon of that key (once drug out to an action bar) will change in appearance according to what spell or ability is next in line of the sequence.
or... heres a decent idea for a hunter macro
/cast hunter's mark
Theres plenty of macros available just do a google on [wow hunter macro] and that should get ya going
Hope this helps... chow

borbies 04-19-07 07:45 AM

Not what I meant....

For instance, my Steady Shot macro is:

/castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, Auto Shot

When you are casting Steady Shot you can spam this and will make sure you don't interupt the Auto Shot. Problem is human slow fingers, I can only mash a button about 3 times a second, meaning I'm quite often losing .2-.3 seconds of casting time which adds up to a significant DPS loss.

If I could hit the button faster like a turbo-controller does, I could just hold the button down, and it would simulate hitting the key much faster.

Now what I'm asking is is there, or is it possible to make, an add-on or program or keyboard that does this?

I'd use a gamepad, but WoW doesn't support them :(

Zyonin 04-19-07 09:20 AM

I do not think you could do what you want. The reason being is a) Global cooldowns, and b) Such code would be pushing the boundaries of "automating" combat too much. Blizzard tends to be very conservative regarding this issue so likely you will run into hard coded limitations. And you would be skirting the edges of the ToS to outright violating it if you try to use a "program". Some users of the G15 keyboard got into trouble when they created macros that automated combat too much. The idea behind combat is you are have to press the button for each action, even if it means spamming one macro over and over. WoW is not a twitch type of game (example of a "twitch" game would be FPSs like UT200x, Counterstrike and Half Life 2)

One other thing, if you get your DPS too high, you will draw aggro onto yourself and off your pet/tank completely negating the whole idea of you what are looking for.

borbies 04-19-07 09:51 AM

GCD has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. It's not a difficult concept. I hold the button down, it repeats it... just like a turbo-controller. It's not automated anything. I'm not talking about scripting or keypress sequence macro's.

Hunter's Misdirect and Feign Death... there is no such thing as too much DPS. Who care's about solo play... this is for raiding.

Regolith 04-19-07 12:22 PM

I seriously doubt that what you want is possible. The new restrictions clearly say that each action will require a separate keypress. The only exceptions are actions that don't effect the same toon. (for example, the hunter's mark/petattack macro)

What with GC affecting nearly everything a hunter does (with the upcoming exception of KC) I can't see how you are losing all that much DPS in a 20 second to 2 minute fight.

akeroo 04-19-07 01:49 PM

You guys are not understanding what he wants, I do but don't know of a solution to his problem.

What he wants is to be able to hold down a key and have the key repeat. Just like holding down a key in microsoft word and it starts repeating.

A Mage example of when this would be useful would be when you have a target nova'd and you start to wind up a frost bolt. When the frostbolt is about 3/4 of the way to being cast you start mashing the icelance key as quickly as you can. At this point wow is responding with a 'spell not ready yet' message.... The key is to get the IceLance to launch the INSTANT that WoW will allow it too. (Often times resulting in the Frostbolt, IceLance double crit).

What borbies is wanting to do is just hold the key down instead of playing 'track and field' (old video game refrence here) with his keyboard.

Wowgamer233 04-19-07 02:21 PM

My 2 cents...
Skill through timing and practice > automation :p

I also concur about the need to prevent pulling aggro in a raid situation. Yes, a hunter can FD but pulling aggro and then using FD to drop the aggro is just plain messy.

As a priest I find nothing more annoying than having to stay alive when a hunter pulls aggro off a tank, the tank changes stances to persue and regain aggro and me being dumb enough to stand next to the hunter gets me hit with ae that should have been no-where near me.

So, button mashing has it's place but holding down a key and expecting it to repeat or behave to gain some advantage is quite clearly against the Wow TOC.

Serafh 04-19-07 02:55 PM

I have an N52 speed pad. It allows me to set up macros for each button which means I can set up a macro to repeat a button press. Tada, hold down the button and it constantly uses that ability. Thats the only way I can think of.

borbies 04-20-07 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by Serafh
I have an N52 speed pad. It allows me to set up macros for each button which means I can set up a macro to repeat a button press. Tada, hold down the button and it constantly uses that ability. Thats the only way I can think of.

That's the response I was looking for ^^

I also found the G15 Macro keys auto-repeat as well if you hold them down.

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