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Originally Posted by Amaru View Post
I've head some weird answerers to this and want to know some of yours.

Me. I chose a Human Pally. Why? Because humans look better than a Dwarf. I cose a pally because I saw some awesome videos with them and the look cool.
I've gone with different classes and races primarily because I've leveled so many that otherwise Azeroth would be incredibly boring... I like to look for different challenges. If I've gotten used to one game play style when I get bored I switch to another, and sometimes back and forth.

I first started on World of Warcraft with a gnome warlock for the intellect buff and the pets. I wanted to do a magic user but wasn't sure I was ready for what at the time I didn't know was called crowd control. The concept therefore of a magic class that also had again, what I didn't know at the time!!!, was called a tank, that you could summon, made me a happy little mushroom.

So yeah, my first was Elzar, who I quickly got frustrated with because God warlocks are hard to level. Turns out I picked one of the most challenging classes right off the bat, yikes. It turned out to not fit my play style at all so I went and rolled a hunter, Jagarak. Looking back I had really no clue what I was doing: I cannot believe how horribly geared they were when I went back to look at them many ages later, hehe. It was a natural evolution though: I still wanted the tanking but I was really having trouble with magic use so I went with melee and pet tanking, e.g., beast mastery hunter! Demonology spec to beast master, not really much of a transition.

I'd say the biggest transition was when I really got frustrated with the incredible lack of any thought required with a beast mastery hunter. Point, send pet, shoot, etc... Macro the whole thing, go find lunch. Boring, boring, boring, boring, especially when you have no idea how to gear.

At that point I'd pretty much learned my lesson; I finally figured out if I wanted the game to actually be exciting for me I'd have to take big risks and go with personal confrontation. Wasn't quite ready for magetastic excitement yet so I went with a rogue which definitely turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences. Shetaran is definitely going to make it to 70 one of these days, he's just sort of stuck in the mid-50s not because I lost interest but because I just couldn't reach those lofty DPS ranks that a dual-wield sword rogue should be at and I was tired of always dying. I still play him now and then, I just had been playing him nonstop and burnt out, needed a change to something a bit less self-destructive.

I decided I wanted to forgo a bit of damage for a ton of armor so I went with a paladin and that has just been pure fun. I started with retribution, went to protection, went back to retribution, then went to holy, and have stayed with a holy - retribution shockadin hybrid build that has carried me three levels from endgame seventy. Very exciting, also definitely where I moved to another higher level of learning regarding World of Warcraft and how to balance stats, gear, etc... Moving into BC content taught me all the ratings I'd missed pre-bc.

Now I'm rolling with something I played on a friend's account ages and ages ago before Burning Crusade and I'm finally at a point where I can truly master it. My dream come true, Blessedmoon, my frost aoe mage.

Currently level 36 and growing fast!!!

At the moment I have a burst dps rogue, a burst dps paladin, a sustained dps mage, and a lock and hunter that I haven't quite found a roll for yet. I'll probably end up respeccing Shetaran as stealth for the fun of it, haven't decided yet. Either way the characters I've played, the races, the classes, they definitely represent the evolution of my learning and also the evolution of myself!
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