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Originally Posted by Patchumz View Post
It looks like (Using the compact setup) the Runic Power number in the middle of the circle isn't centered, for me.

Could you add an option for customizing the text in the center? The orange look with the big black border to it just doesn't appeal to me.

Could you also set the Disease counter to hide when there are no diseases? Or is that feature part of the disease thing already and is not fully implemented.

And finally :P I love what you've done to it so far, using the compact mode with a frost skin and the alpha runes makes me pretty happy, great work!

.. Now if only I could get OmniCC to stop covering up my Runes with a timer.. since it already has a better one. (Better one is the built in one, that looks sexy cuz of the graphic.)
Yea, that stupid text in the compact mode wouldn't look "right" no matter what I did.

Im going to tweak it some more in the next versions.

Please add your "suggestion" about the disease tracker fading out to the "Feature Requests" tracker or add a ticket on my curseforge project.

I'll keep you informed of the progress through that.
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