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Originally Posted by haste View Post
I generally just use:
/cast [nochanneling:Mind Flay] Mind Flay
It won't maximize your DPS of course. I don't think the potential gain from interrupting a cast at the end is very significant either . Adding a safe zone for channels isn't much work at all however, it's basically copy-pasting of the code for casting .
i moved to quartz from azcastbar/oUF castbar in an attempt to avoid the button-mashing at the end of channels that this kind of macro (which i've used before) involves. i -wanted- to believe that having a safe zone at the end of channels and a single keypress in this safe zone would be more efficient than a nochanneling macro, especially when moving from a channel to a regular cast, rather than chaining channels. moving back to nochanneling tonight : ) but keeping quartz till someone makes a GCD spark addon/plugin.