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Originally Posted by Cairenn
Listed in this thread:

BLP2 Tools - http://www.cosmosui.org/vjeux/ - This allows you to open BLP files, which store the artwork / music for WoW.

/edit Moved back to the proper forum. It'll get seen there, even if only by me.
I have been referred to the vjeux directory (see link above) before (for other tools involved in the making of Mods), and so far I have never been able to access that link. I always get a 404 error when I try to click on that link (since Mid-Oct).

I also see that Curse Gaming had an old copy on their web site, but when I tried to download it, that also failed (as if the file didn't exist any more). Where else can I obtain a blp2 -> tga converter or other tool that will allow me to edit images in .blp format?
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