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Originally Posted by zork View Post
Please post the code of your fontstring, helper and the portrait.
In the example above i didn't use any helper, here it is though

	self.Health.value = SetFontString(self.Health, font,(unit == 'player' or unit == 'target') and 10 or 9)
			self.Portrait = CreateFrame('PlayerModel', nil, self)
			self.Portrait.type = '3D'
			self.Portrait:SetPoint('TOPLEFT', self.Health, 'TOPLEFT', 0, -.5)
			self.Portrait:SetPoint('BOTTOMRIGHT', self.Health, 'BOTTOMRIGHT', .5, -.5)
In this case, it looks ok but isn't really useable, if i increase the alpha, the value and also the health bar progression are impossible to see.
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