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Caellian, you really need to stop using that edit button . Especially when you add ten pages of text (and that 3 hours after it's been posted).

1) "Interface\AddOns\oUF_Caellian\oUF_Caellian.lua:56: attempt to index local 'parent' (a nil value)" tells you that you should take a look at line 56 in your layout code.

2) :GetText() returns a string containing the text of the fontstring, it won't do some magic updating for you. What you could do is to remove .Name, and use the castbar .Text to display name. You can do this with a post hook in the stop functions. Remember that you will have to do all the name updating yourself, and that is has to be aware of casts/channels.

vaddn, use locals and not globals when you create those frames. The initial code should work fine with that.

zhz, it's because your fontstrings have no width limitations. You can set these with :SetWidth and/or :SetPoint.

zynix, read up on :SetPoint, and look for it in the layout. Usually placed at the bottom.