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I came across a bizzare situation while setting up oUF. I don't think it's strictly related to oUF, but hopefully the bright minds reading this thread will have an idea as to why it happens.

Basically I spawned the party header, and no matter what I did the party members didn't show up. Calling :Show() on the party header manually would show the party for a split second then it would be hidden again. After long time of scratching my head, I decided to disable the other addons I use, and the party showed just fine. Then I enabled my addons one by one and narrowed down the problem to ClearFont2: if I have ClearFont2 enabled, oUF party header won't show up, if I disable it, the party shows up.

This strikes me as quite a strange issue, I can't see what the link is between a secure party header and ClearFont2. Could it be that enabling CF2 loads a library that messes the header up? I'd appreciate if anybody has an idea on the cause of this, and even more how I could go about debugging this issue. What can affect the visibility of the header, generally speaking?

Thanks in advance!