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Originally Posted by oriont View Post
I was wondering is there anyway to increase the nameplate distance? Or at least a mouse over implimentation? I thought I read that the mouse over ability was live but not sure how to make it so when I cursor over a mob or player it will show the aloft nameplate
sorry for any delay in responding.

the answer to this is: no.

more information, for completeness:

Aloft takes over and manages the Blizzard(tm) native nameplates, which (in their native Blizzard(tm) form) include name/level text, a healthbar/castbar, a mouseover highlight, and (with WoW patch 3.0.2) an aggro "glow".

Aloft preserves all of this basic functionality, but also adds additional stuff : a updating mana bar, more detailed/customizable textual health/mana data, additional tag-based text data of various kinds (creature race/type, class, etc), a threat system, customized appearance in terms of colors/fonts/textures, positioning capabilities, etc.

the nameplates themselves, however, remain under the basic control of the WoW client. the WoW client retains pretty much absolute control over whether they are enabled (though Aloft instruments a finer degree of control over this) and how far away they will appear.

i always wished for control over nameplate visibility range myself. perhaps Blizzard(tm) will facilitate that at some point, at which time Aloft can either just inherit the mechanism from the WoW client or add options to control it more completely.
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