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Patience is a virtue.

The case is however: oUF is aimed towards add-on authors, who already have experience with the WoW API and Lua. Which means the bar is already put pretty high. The common user already have a bunch of alternatives when it comes to unit frames (ag_unitframes, pitbull, sage to mention the most common). These all provide a varying degree of customization.

Originally Posted by SkunkWerks View Post
Edit: Ok, I guess I'm dumb. I guess there are no config commands. In which case I have to say: beautifully crafted addon, except that- if I can't at least move the frames, I can't use it. The defaulted layout conflicts with my UI.

More's the pity. I just liked the look of those orbs of yours- quite slick, and considering a lot of my interface is styled "in the round" it would have been a nice addition.
It's up to the authors of the layouts to provide such features. The case is currently that most people who write layouts don't really care about who uses their layout or not. Its a thing mostly intended for themselves and no-one else, which is why most (if not currently all) layouts hard-code the whole setup.

Originally Posted by SkunkWerks View Post
Sadly, it isn't meant to be. If I have to go in and manually edit the Lua files to do so, well... then the promise that this addon "does all those boring things you'd rather not do yourself" is rather a disingenuous claim. I don't care to hand-code something to alter what I believe I should be able to do live in the interface itself- even if I were capable and learned at doing so.
As mentioned before, you (as a user) aren't really a part of the intended audience. oUF falls in a rather special category when it comes to who would use it to write layouts. In general its the lazy and the inexperienced who use it. The lazy who just want a unit frame that does X, but don't want to maintain a unit frame themselves. And the inexperienced who take a layout and modify it to their liking.

The whole unit frame creation process is simplified however. In most cases the layout author just have to create and position element X, which it then tells oUF to handle.

In the end it all boils down to: It's a issue of the layout, not oUF.