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Originally Posted by Ovario View Post

I just picked up the RothUI compilation yesterday and am thrilled with it. I've been aching for something this good ever since Discord went bye-bye long ago.

A lot of people, myself included, don't understand (or want to understand) LUA coding. And as much as we love you and others for putting out quality oUF layouts and plugins, PLEASE:

Give us an in-game GUI, even if it means simple things like positioning, scaling, etc. Again, I really really love the addon, but a lack of user-friendly customization is slowly becoming a turn off. Any hopes for the future?

Keep up the great work.

EDIT: The reasoning for my post in the first place was about scaling. I run at 1680x1050, and have to keep my UI scale high to have the orbs/action bars to a good size. This unfortunately makes the rest of my UI windows a fairly annoying/bordering on gigantic size, causing me to scale down EVERYTHING else except oUF to compensate.
If you dont want to learn Lua, use a different addon.

Originally Posted by haste View Post
The case is however: oUF is aimed towards add-on authors, who already have experience with the WoW API and Lua. Which means the bar is already put pretty high. The common user already have a bunch of alternatives when it comes to unit frames (ag_unitframes, pitbull, sage to mention the most common). These all provide a varying degree of customization.