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This sounds like something that needs to be discussed (Heavily) before it becomes a problem. Which from what i have noticed would be a HUGE hit to the compilations that are on this site as many reuse old textures and art from other UI's and Add-ons themselves are getting redistributed by people that aren't the authors of the said Art, Textures, Add-ons.

Now as I see it from the bit I have gathered or that i actually read... Unless the authors give the people of ALL the compilations to use there add-ons and artwork that they have created to redistribute in there own compilations. couldn't most the people on this site get into some serious trouble for the Compilations they have put up?

I mean yeah Add-ons are out there for people to use free of charge... but i haven't seen anything about the Authors wanting and letting people redistribute there Add-ons through custom UI setups that aren't there own. Every author would have to put out a statement that it is ok by them for it to be done (Although i believe most don't really mind at all).

This includes me as i have put UI Comps. up for people to use and download of add-ons and textures that aren't mine. I will wait and see what happens from this thread before i decide to take them down or not... (leaning towards taking them down now that people got me nervous lol).

Most this stuff i didn't even know before now.

Would like some more thought if able or see where this leads cause obviously this is something that need to be figured and probably rather quickly.


On a side note *Is this why Curse.com doesn't take Compilations anymore? I have tried uploading UI's to curse before and it said they do not take UI Compilations anymore. Though it seems some have been grandfathered in depending on who the person is* Just Curious on this part.

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