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Originally Posted by Elloria View Post
Ive had a few people that have had an issue with some of the interfaces that i have created (aion: tower of eternity, Hellgate London). Really if you give credit to the people who made the game and give links to the actual game i think its fine. I HIGHLY DOUBT any of those game creators would come sue u for making an interface out of their art.
As a retired digital graphic artist, this is a subject that I'm extremely passionate about. Sorry Elloria, it doesn't work that way. Legally you must obtain permission first. We should show the same respect to digital artists as we do to the hard working programmers who create the addons that we use. None of us here in this thread would go so far as to snag someone else's addon and plop it up on WoWI with a simple link back to the author and tell ourselves that its Okay. Being sued is what happens when you do something you shouldn't. What you're basically saying is go ahead and do it because you wont get caught by them... it is the same basic mindset that others use as a copout when they steal another authors addon or UI. Just because you think they won't come get you doesn't mean you are not infringing on their legal rights.

Originally Posted by Elloria View Post
well i went searching back through my old pms and i had an issue with people claiming that im using copyrighted material (the aion interface art) and derailing my thread. I said to Cairenn that i could send a letter to the developers of that game as well as the developers for hellgate london and while i was at it a letter to blizzard for using the wc3 art. She said i didnt have to do anything.

So guess im in the clear
I was one of those people that spoke up about those UI's. Legally, you had no right to take a screenshot of another games UI, edit it to your own liking, and then redistribute it without getting legal permission first. Lets not forget that the artist who created the graphics for those games were paid. You took their paid work and did what you wanted with it without a second thought to how they would feel or if the company even allowed it.

This is not meant to be a personal attack Elloria, and I'm deeply sorry if you take it that way. I just cannot get my head wrapped around the fact that it's very well known here that redistributing another authors UI or addon is a major no no and is grounds for getting yourself a ban, and yet some turn a blind eye to the other types of copyright infringement going on here. It baffles me and I seriously do not understand.

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