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Originally Posted by syrupk View Post
I'm pretty much not sure that it's really fair to use Elloria as such an example when it wasn't was this thread was about to began with, couldn't this be better done through personal message. You know that even if you say it shouldn't, it's going to upset her because her stuff is the only stuff on this site everyone is saying anything about.

If you are that passionate about copyright, then I honestly think that you need to take a look at the (as only one example), the license for every button facade skin that are uploaded with packages. Give everyone a timeline to clean up their packages. Their were questions raised when her UI's went up here and now it's a big deal again? By what you say it shouldn't be allowed at all. And if you call her out on it, then many other things need to be looked at too.

This is an amazing website, this is why we come here. Do i think that the people from those video games are going to start suing people? No, I really don't. However, I do think that if nothing is going to be done about something, then why keep bringing it up?

I'm not trying to be rude in any way. I love this website and respect very much the people who make it what it is. But I do think that this is being handled in the totally wrong way. Easily by personal message you could say the things you need to say. And whether or not Elloria was told that she didn't need to do anything about asking permission for the art in her packages, she was shown she didn't need simply by them being here.

While I may not agree, I still respect your opinion, and your views are still just as important as they were before you replied to my post.
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