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First toon was a Troll mage.. was my first toon, I didn't really 'know' anything. Leveled to 48 and rerolled.

My irl friends went Ally after I talked them into picking up WoW, so I obliged them by rolling an Ally... Nelf Rogue. I didn't grasp the Sword Specialization racial of humans until later.. lessons learned.

My next reroll was a Nelf Druid (couldn't make a Gnome Druid ), raided with him a little in BC, but after irl friends quit playing, I re-rerolled Horde for a Tauren Druid (yeah, no Troll Druid available).

I now have a 66 Tauren Druid, 71 Tauren Druid, 70 Nelf Druid, 70 Nelf Rogue (and countless alts). Druids are just too much fun and versatile, but definitely not a class for everyone's liking.
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