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I'm an altaholic so I've got a lot of different race/class combinations.

When it comes down to choosing race and sex, it's generally all about how I like the models and their associated animations. My favorites are male trolls, orcs, and tauren and both genders of undead and draenei. As you might guess, I prefer playing Horde over Alliance but all of my friends play Alliance so that's what I mostly play.

I've found things to enjoy about almost every class. Druid is the only one that I've not been able to bring myself to play beyond level 30 or so.

My current main is a female draenei tankadin. I like being hard to kill. I like being able to round up a bunch of mobs and take them all down at the same time. I like being able to easily find a group for doing instances. I like having a unique role within a group so that I'm not constantly comparing my performance against that of my group members and then beating myself up if I don't feel that I measure up.
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