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My first was a night elf warrior for about 2 weeks, which was chosen under the influence of a mate ("You're tough and you get to shoot bows and arrows!" Ok sign me up), my decision would have been a gnome mage.

When I could decide for myself (except now influenced by a friend to go horde, years on I'm still horde ), I was to make- An undead male mage, an undead female mage, an undead female warlock, a blood elf female priest and a blood elf female rogue. And because ever since I got the game I've been tempted to make an anklebiter, when I finally get WoTLK I will try a gnome DK.

Now after some years I only really like aesthetically (main factor for me ) gnome female, human female, undead male /female and BE female. My favorite classes are casters, my favorite class is a Mage. If I could reset everything and start from scratch, I'd have an undead female mage and a human female rogue.
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