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Adventuress layout authors should give the git version of oUF a try.

* Elements are handled slightly different, and they can be disabled. This is largely untested.
* The event system has been changed. It should still work without updating the layout, but it's considered good practice to do: object:RegisterEvent('EVENT', func) and object:UnregisterEvent('EVENT', func). The reason for doing this is because: object:RegisterEvent('EVENT', func1) object:RegisterEvent('EVENT', func2) will convert the event into a double call.
* Tags have been rewritten. They should be quite bit more CPU and memory friendly.
* Quite a lot of bug fixes (mostly to the castbar).
* .Name has been removed, as tags are up to par.
* .Auras is no longer blocking .Buff and .Debuffs.

Now, I want to get this version out as soon as possible. Which means you have until Monday to test it. I won't have access to WoW until then, and I've only had time to do some minor testing myself.

It's also a great time to do feature requests!

Do note that there is a severe lack of internal validation and documentation on events/elements/tags atm. It's pretty easy to get some unintended behavior without having oUF erroring. :)

Don't be afraid to report bugs. Large quantities of the code is drycoded, and not tested at all. So in many cases it will probably be oUF giving an error and not your layout.

As a side note: You don't have to file a bug report on wowi for the git version. Contacting me over PM or IRC works just fine. I will also try to maintain a BUGS file on git, so that you can easily check what's reported and not. The reason for this is that the wowi bug/feature system has too many issues itself, and it looks like they will stand unresolved until the new portal system is up. Which means that this will be the preferred solutions until: a) the wowi system gets an update b) I finish my own issue tracker c) I switch it over to gcode.