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I use tags with my layout but I've one question: I have a previous version of oUF because tags were easy to implement: only self.TaggedStrings{ourstrings} but now how do we tell oUF that a fontstring contain tags.
I looked at tags.lua but I'm not good enought to understand everything so I can't find where oUF registers tagged strings.

That code was pretty easy to understand and told oUF was easy to.
table.insert(oUF.subTypes, function(self, unit)
	if self.TaggedStrings then
		for i,fs in pairs(self.TaggedStrings) do
			local parent = fs:GetParent()
			local tagstring = fs:GetText()

			local f = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, parent)
			f:SetScript("OnEvent", OnEvent)
			f:SetScript("OnShow", OnShow)
			f.tagstring, f.fontstring, f.parent = tagstring, fs, self

			-- Register any update events we need
			for tag in string.gmatch(tagstring, "[[][%w]+[]]") do
				local tagevents = events[tag]
				if tagevents then
					for event in string.gmatch(tagevents, "%S+") do
			if unit == "target" then f:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED") end
			if unit == "focus" then f:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_FOCUS_CHANGED") end

Actually if someone can told me how to tell oUF that a fontstring contains tags I'll test the new layout.
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