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Hi, I wanna add a few questions to this:

Im kinda in the same situation. However, Ive decided to start with a already working addon that does more or less what thread starter wants. But this addon dont do what I want it to do;

Im using a dkp system called ep/gp. Many people uses a addon made for this, but alot of people have started modding eqdkp sites to use this system instead because the eqdkp site has alot of functions and in addition, using officer notes isnt the most secure thing in the world.

What this system does is that it uses the dkp you earn, divide it by the dkp you have used on items and decides your priority on items. This priority is then used to decide who gets what in a multiple need situation(highest priority wins).

Before I continue: Do note that this addon is NOT supposed to be used for uploading dkp to the site after raid(atleast not yet!), Im going to use a normal dkp tracker for that.

Ok, so I have managed to fix the look of the addon, with the correct names on buttons etc. Also checked that the dkp is read correctly still.

Now, what I still need to get done is:

1. I need to be able to add dkp cost to the GP part of the addon(or known in the original addon for "spent") as I go.

2. I need to have the PR setting working, this will display the value of EP divided by the GP value(including the updated one from current raid).

3. Sort by PR(this is currently not working ofc, due to "nil value" :P)

I guess my question is: Is this doable? If so, what should be my approach to this? And how hard would this be?

Im currently a novice c++ coder and I understand to a certain extent lua when I look at it.

Here is the addon Im using as a skeleton: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...eDKPTable.html

Im also using another remake of the same addon for the eqdkp parser:


Also, how much of this work is lua knowledge and how much is knowledge of the wow UI API?
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