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Well I first rolled a Human Warrior when I first started playing, I am not sure why to be honest.

Than I switched to a Night Elf Hunter once I hit 60 on my warrior (pre BC.) I really enjoyed and this was back in the day when pets had unique attack speeds and was awesome, so I tamed Broken Tooth which took awhile to get got him to 60 pvp'd and about 6 weeks after I went through the hassle to lvl a lvl 37 pet while I was 60, Blizzard in their infinite wisdom decided to do away with unique pet attack speeds. So that was nearly the end of my hunter.

Between my Hunter and Rogue I made a Human Female Mage, they can have nose rings which I thought was cool.

Than a Night Elf Rogue. I was sitting around one day and thought the name Escalade would be a neat name for a rogue so I went and made a rogue. Night Elf since at least back in those days shadowmeld helped your stealthing. (been awhile since I have played my rogue things may or may not have changed with that)

At the same time as my rogue, I rolled a Dwarf Priest for Fear Ward, mind you up to now this is still pre bc before Blizzard gave every priest Fear Ward. Anyways I lvl'd him to about 32 and stopped playing him for like a year. Than when BC came out I started lvling him. Boy was I steamed to find out that after I had hit 70 Blizzard was going to give every priest Fear Ward, boy did I get suckered there.

Anyways in short my priest is my Main, I recently made a Night Elf Druid (Balance) and a Draenei Shaman (Enhancement) and they have become my alts and I don't really touch my other characters (who are all 70 btw except the Mage (62 with 1 xp to go before 63 just don't care too much about getting the lvl lol and my warrior who is 63) I mainly use em for setting up my uis. Apologies for my WoW's life story being so long.
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