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I rolled a female draenei shaman because.. well.

I wanted to roll alliance to be able to team up with my friends.
I wanted an exotic race.
I wanted to use that "Mirrizal" character template I'd been using for rp and d&d for over 5 years, but hadn't been using awhile.
Mirrizal has an affinity for both the more primal forces of nature and likes tinkering until something a) blows up or b) does something, so I went with that..

and that's how Mirrizal, female draenei elemental shaman engineer was born :>

She's still blowing things up as my main in both PvE and PvP, though WotLK has made elemental PvP totally unenjoyable at best.
Mostly because of that I sent a mage alt on her way to 80. Leveling takes time though :s
"We shaman don't command the magic we wield. As mages and warlocks strain and sweat to produce a tiny flame, I ask for the elements to lend me their strength."

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