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UI tutorial.

Hello lads.

I have a question.

About half year ago, I found a very very good LUA Tutorial which probably (im not sure) was on WoW Insider. Author has divided his curse into a few sections which I do not remember either (what a double bad luck :///).

The unique thing about this tutorial was that its author started from very beginning of how to write mods in LUA. Then he explained things like when scripts are loaded by WoW, depending on which event is catched by script particular function LUA is run.

At the very end of course, author explained something like object programming by which I mean that if u define object like

MyObject = {}

u can "attach" function to this objext like below

function MyObject:initialize() {}

function MyObject:run()


I remember it was explained very clearly.

I know it's a question of where did u see a blond woman in red dress when It was mid day :P But if someone by any chance remember any kind of such course please provide the link.

Thank you.
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