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Originally Posted by spiritwulf View Post
oof. Over 200 mods is nasty. Not that im judging, at one time i had over 280 lol. One thing i learned though is that when you start aproaching addon numbers like that they all start feeding on each other. I imagine it is especialy so for nUI. There is so much info flying around and many of the addons are trying to incorporate all that info into each other and work together so that it increases the amount of work they are doing. Which is part of the point of nUI in trying to be a single integrated system. With that many mods bombarding nUI with info i would expect it to be using more resources
You are in the forest with 200 other people standing around you. Your eyes are closed. You hear a roar. A bear is coming! And they all yell 'run that way!'.... well, you get the idea
Or it could be something Scott did, what did you forget this time Scott? hehehehe
LOLz, I can feel ya both as well. I myself BEFORE nUI was going between 160-180 addons. I can thankfully say that this UI as brought my list to under 90! and it's only getting better and better each time. MOAR