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Originally Posted by anseloth View Post
any chance of an update on the ETA for the beta on this? any info at all would be good, even if you have to leave a lot of room for error when you give a time frame for this. that is, assuming a time frame is even possible to give right now.

also, until the beta has started, i was hoping to use the old UI manager, but i can't seem to find the download link for it. the post before this one says in the edited in section that there should be a download available, of the outdated UI manager. i know that the link i want is probably right under my nose, but after 2 or so hours of searching, i give up on soloing the search.
Windows version
Mac/Linux version

As to time frame, I can't really say at this point. Shirik has classes, etc, so he's trying to get the updater programmed around all the rest of his responsibilities. Sorry. =/