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Exclamation nUI 5.01.00 has been released...

nUI has finally shed its beta status and gone live. ~yaay~

nUI is user supported software. Please visit nUI's official web site at http://www.nUIaddon.com where you will find the user reference manual for nUI, the nUI FAQ, galleries, downloads and technical support forums as well as information on how you can make a donation to support nUI.

Version 5.01.00
  • nUI sheds its "beta" status and goes live... /happydance

  • Split nUI into two versions... the public "nUI Lite" free version and the private "nUI Pro" version for nUI's supporters

  • Added linkbacks to nUI's new web site at http://www.nUIAddOn.com

  • Fixed a logic error in the '/nui feedback' slash command that threw an error if a bad argument, or no argument, was given to the command.

  • Yet another fix for the agro logic to prevent complex hard loops (player targets a mob to targets a player to targets a mob who targets the original player for example) which continued to cause WoW lockups.

  • Added a new set of slash commands for the feedback system...

    /nui feedback curse
    /nui feedback disease
    /nui feedback magic
    /nui feedback poison

    These options allow the player to individually disable or enable each of the four feedback highlight types so that you can enable only those types you can dispell. By default all four types are enabled.

  • Fixed a logic error in the determination of who has current agro that caused WoW to freeze if any unit in the target chain was targeting itself (yes, an endless loop)

  • Added a new slash command '/nui showhits' which turns off the red/green background highlighting on unit frames when they are taking damage or receiving heals.

  • Fixed the rotation order in the unit frames to 25 man precedes 40 man

  • Fixed a logic error in the aura bars where the bars failed to resize when the target died or when switching to a new target that had no auras on it

  • Ported nUI 5.0 to WoW Patch 3.1

  • Added combat feedback to unit frames... shows a red background on unit frames when the unit takes damage, a green background when it receives a heal

  • Added debuff highlights to unit frames... unit frame borders highlight blue when a magic debuff is on the unit, green when diseased, yellow when poisoned and purple when cursed.

  • Add agro indicator to unit frames... unit frame border highlights in red when the unit is targeted by a hostile unit in the player's target chain or focus chain if no hostile units exist in the target chain.

  • Greatly improved the hit and heal indicator update frequency in the battlefield minimap for PvP/Battleground play

  • Finally found and added a fix for the annoying invisible bottom bar Titan Panel creates. This should prevent that bar from interfering with the bottom of the dashboard

  • Added the slash command '/nui hud focus' which toggles display of the player's focus on and off in the HUD. By default, the HUD ignores the focus frame and displays the player's target and target-of-target (ToT). Enabling this option will cause the HUD to replace the player's target with the player's focus if and when the player sets a focus. In addition, when this option is enabled, the ToT is replaced with the focus' target if a focus is set. If no focus is set, the HUD will display the target and the ToT as per normal.

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