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From other MMOs I've always played an evil sorcerer so when I first got WOW, I rolled an Undead Warlock. I joined a server where a bunch of friends from a previous MMO had gathered and they were all Alliance, so I abandoned the Undead and went Alliance.

Tough to be on the good side while being used to being so evil for so long so I remembered the first RPG character I ever made back in the Dungeons and Dragons days of dice and character sheets.. I made a character named Jimjimmy Squashfoot who was a Chaotic/Neutral Halfling Stout Theif.. so naturally I found the Gnome Rogue as the best fit.

Being a Gnome, I decided I'd be an Engineer and I loved the booty dance that they do. I saw this on a Youtube PvP video and thought this was hilarious especially after such a cute chr pwned someone so hard!

Also I have to agree with..
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Gnomes are hysterically funny. If you never have, make a male gnome alt and type /train -- it makes me laugh every time.
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