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Known bugs and compatibility issues... nUI Release

The following is a listing of known bugs in the latest nUI+ release version for WoW 4.1
  • nUI5 and Clique not playing well since 4.3 patch?
  • Omen/Recount/Stats plugins misbehaving some since 4.3 patch?
  • Some users having issues with transparent consoles since 4.3 patch?
  • HUD scale not being applied on reload
  • Have to enter '/nui viewport' command twice to implement ohn login
  • Ranged weapon temporary buffs are not displayed
  • Player extra action button not showing on screen (use '/click ExtraActionButton1' macro until it is fixed)
  • Hunters cannot dismiss pets using unit frame right-click menu (Blizz bug I cannot fix -- use dismiss spell)
  • Cannot set focus using unit frame right-click menu (Blizz bug I cannot fix -- see FAQ)
  • nUI and Bagnon are not playing nice over the guild bank - both display windows (will not be fixed in nUI5)
  • ButtonFacade and nUI are not playing together after the 4.1 patch (will not be fixed in nUI5)
  • nUI and Prat are not playing well after the WIM fix /sigh (will not be fixed in nUI5)
  • nUI and ChocolateBar are not playing well after the 4.1 patch (will not be fixed in nUI5)
  • Unit frames not showing for some installations (cannot reproduce)
  • Rested XP marker not wrapping correctly (cannot reproduce)
  • player alternate power bar not showing(fixed in 5.07.24 release)
  • loot roll windows not displaying correctly(fixed in 5.07.24 release)
  • New toon tutorial interface overlaps minimap (fixed in 5.07.21 release)
  • Combat log button frame is not being hidden correctly (fixed in 5.07.21 release)
  • Combat log is not layering correctly -- mini-menu cannot be selected (fixed in 5.07.21 release)
  • Combat log is throwing an error when you click in it (fixed in 5.07.21 release)
  • Viewport is broken in some of the Cataclysm zones and dungeons (fixed in 5.07.21 release - slash command)
  • Class bars may be linked to HUD casting bar before it is defined (fixed in 5.07.21 release)
  • nUI may be interfering with the auction house (verified not to be an nUI error)
  • The reputation bar is tracking guild rep, and incorrectly at that (fixed in 5.07.20 release)
  • The raid sort is sometimes duplicating the last unit in the sort (fixed in 5.07.19 release)
  • Battlefield minimap is not scaling correctly in the info panel (fixed in 5.07.19 release)
  • The '/nui console off' command appears to be broken (fixed in 5.07.19 release)
  • The bag bar is still showing tooltips and mouse active when turned off (fixed in 5.07.19 release)
  • Debug messages are being printed when right clicking a unit frame (fixed in 5.07.18 release)
  • Raidsort is not properly updating unit ID for right click menu (fixed in 5.07.17 release)
  • Player auras are overlapping action bars on the party and raid frames (fixed in 5.07.16 release)
  • HUD auras are creating dead mouse zones (fixed in 5.07.16 release)
  • Unit frame feedback is showing incoming heals as hits (red flash instead of green) (fixed in 5.07.15 development release)
  • Raid sort appears to be broken (again) (fixed in5.07.15 development release)
  • Unit frame aura buttons are mouse active and overlapping action bars (fixed in5.07.15 development release)
  • Some of hidden the Blizzard default display elements are showing briefly in combat (fixed in5.07.15 development release)
  • Target debuff tooltips are not working (fixed in5.07.14 development release)
  • Rested XP indicator is not wrapping correctly (fixed in5.07.13 development release)
  • Need to add PlayerPowerAltBar to list of managed Blizz UI elements (fixed in5.07.13 development release)
  • Hunter aspect/pet action bar is not centering correctly on the dashboard (fixed in5.07.13 development release)
  • There's a scaling problem in the HUD causing bars to overlap when scale > 1.0 (fixed in5.07.13 development release)
  • Titan panel integration is broken (fixed in 5.07.10 development release)
  • All party member roles are reported as "Tank" (fixed in 5.07.06 development release)
  • /nui anim command isn't working correctly (fixed in 5.07.06 development release)
  • nUI and WIM are not playing well together... chat edit box overlaps lower action bar (fixed in 5.07.06 development release)
  • Bazooka integration is not working correctly (fixed in 5.07.06 development release)
  • Layering problem in minimap interfering with tracking button (fixed in 5.07.06 development release)
  • Minimap is throwing an error on mousewheel zoom (fixed in 5.07.05 development release)
  • Removing the viewport in 4.07.04 caused the cooldown bar to overlap the pet/stance bar (modified location in 5.07.05 dev)
  • Right-clicking a unit frame throws an error (fixed in 5.07.05 development release)
  • Skada integration is not working correctly (fixed in5.07.05 development release)
  • The new Paladin Holy Power bar does not display (fixed in 5.07.07 release)
  • The new Druid Eclipse bar does not display (fixed in 5.07.07 release)
  • The new Warlock Shard indicator does not display (fixed in 5.07.07 release)
  • You cannot right click buffs to dismiss them (fixed in 5.07.07 release)
  • The talent inspection system is broken (disabled talent inspection in 5.07.05 development release)
  • Range indicator on unit frames is not functioning correctly (fixed in 5.07.04 development release)
  • Hunter pet happiness indicator does not update correctly (pet happiness is removed from the game in 4.1)

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