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That is Bliz's vehicle interface, not mine. I have to assume that you're still running Beta 4? You should upgrade to nUI 5.0 and the vehicle interface will no longer appear when you mount.

Otherwise, if you're married to Beta 4, you can lose the vehicle interface using the following slash command after you mount and prior to entering combat...

/script VehicleMenuBar:Hide()

Originally Posted by Drugekull View Post

I have a query about the Vehicle control interface that comes up when you take control of a siege weapon or dragon

On the last boss in Oculus I had a problem hopefully this can be setup differently

When you take control of the Dragon the Vehicle control interface comes up over character windows
While this is ok normally on the last boss in Oculus it causes a problem when
you are flying a healing dragon

To do that fight successfully you need to keep an eye on the tanks health and also keep the debuff on the boss so you switching backwards and forwards between the tank and the boss

Since the Vehicle control window is covering the Character health windows you cannot monitor the Tanks health so you end up healing when you shouldn't or not healing when you should

Is there any way of removing the Vehicle control window or making it smaller?

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