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I still go back to the question that isn't getting answered... you already have a bar dedicated specifically to showing you exactly which dots are on the target and how long before each of them expires... what is the benefit of repeating that information on the action bar? The DOT bar on the HUD requires zero scanning to see which DOTs are up, which ones are getting ready to expire, there's zero conflict with the cooldown timers, etc. Also, while lock DOTs (mostly) don't have cooldowns, the same is not true of other classes.

Originally Posted by todd3835 View Post
Well, as for cooldown / dot timer on a button, that's easy. You can do a red outline to indicate DOT application. The timer on the dot itself is the same or longer than the cooldown. In fact, all of the DOT's don't really have a cooldown per say, except haunt, and I believe it's either the same, or just slightly less than the time of the spell. Seed of corruption *may* be another exception. The way Dominos behaves is that it over-writes the cooldown timer of OmniCC.

The long and short of it is that nothing is perfect. Even if there was a red outline around the button to indicate the dot (or debuff) was applied, that would help GREATLY. Also, the size of the DOT's on the HUD would help alot too, but again, that's just one more thing to worry about. On a long fight (10/25 man bosses), I really don't have a rotation, so I completely rely on knowing which DOT's are up, and which are down. I can certainly use dominos, but looking for a solution "out of the box". I can also play around with the code, see if maybe I can make an addon. I've done a bit of LUA editing, and alot of TCL (linux) scripting, so it's just a matter of playing with it, and diving into your code to find what I need to do, and where to do it. I looked around for stand alone addons, and had no luck. So keep me posted on what your intentions are of any changes to the current bars, so I know what to try on my end =]


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