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I'm glad you were able to come up with a working solution and I will look into how I might be able to improve the action bars for dealing with DOTs and HOTs -- not sure how yet. And once the GUI layout tool is in place, increasing the size of the DOT bar will be easier.

If it matters any, as I noted before, I have a lock as well (I so love my lock) and I do plan on building a plugin for tracking our DOTs (and healy HOTs) on multiple targets, alerting which ones need recasting and such... just have to get this other core work done first.

Originally Posted by todd3835 View Post
Scott: The dot timers on the hud are indeed nice. My problem is, during a regular 1 mob fight, it's fine, target dies before I need to reapply, except maybe haunt. In the heat of a boss fight, especially when there's adds involved, it can be difficult to look at my hud and know which ones I need to cast. They are also small, but that's another matter all together.

On a side note, I did find something that will play nice with nUI which kinda makes all this a moot point now. Between OmniCC for cooldowns, and DebuffCaster (located at Curse if anyone else is looking), I have back the fuctionality I craved =]

On a side note, I had tried nUI before, and wasn't satisfied, but when trying to reduce clutter, I came back for another look. I like what you've done, and donated, not realizing there was a pro/free version, and then I'm doing a 25 man VoA last night (woot for PVE *and* PVP lock pants dropping, and only 2 locks in the raid!) and I'm like wtf, there's only solo/group and 10man frames? Then before coming to post, realized that the pro version sitting in my email does the 15/20/25/40 man frames. So now I'm totally satisfied!


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