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Bryan --

I'm at work now, so I'll tend to your e-mail as soon as I get home this evening.

In the meantime, if you have your key bindings and macros saved to the server, as opposed to locally, it will not delete them. However, if they are saved locally then, yes, renaming those folders will cause them to stop working. That said, once you have logged into WoW the first time and log back out to install nUI, you can just go to your WTF.saved directory and copy the key binding and macro save files from there into the same directory in your new WTF folder and you'll be all set.

As for what mods nUI replaces... a ton. It would be hard to list.

My usual advice is to install it by itself, add Omen3, Recount and DBM then log in and play a while. If there are features you want and can't find, ask about them in the support forum and someone will either tell you where to find it or what mod you can install to get it.

Originally Posted by bkray1 View Post

I just made a donation and am awaiting my email, however i thought i'd ask a quick question. I've read the install suggestions to rename the WTF folder and the interface folder and then log in prior to installing nUI. My question is does doing this delete your macros and keybindings?

Also, is there a list somewhere of the mods that confict with nUI? i.e., mods that nUI replaces, thus are no longer required. I currently use x-pearl for unit frames, which i would imagine would conflict with nUI. I'm basically curious to find a list of mods that nUI has replaced.

Thanks Bryan

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