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Okay... the "cool health curve things" are the heads up display (HUD) which is controlled by the red button at the top center of the display in the console... it has four settings "Player/Target" which places the player's health and power on the left and the target's health and power on the right, "Health/Power" puts the both the player and target health bars on the left with the player and health power bars on the right, "Simple HUD" displays the cooldown bar, DOT bar, casting bar and health race bar in the HUD without the health and power bars and, finally, "No HUD" turns the HUD off entirely... just click on that red button until you get to the setting you want to use.

As far as how to inspect, etc... just mouse over their unit frame in the dashboard and right-click... that will open a menu that allows you to inspect, trade, etc. If you don't see your party members (or raid members) in the unit frames in the dashboard, then look at the red button under the button right corner of your chat frame... click that to switch unit frame modes until you see your party or raid members.

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When i was looking at the pictures it set it up to show my health and things of that nature as a curved bar in the center of my screen... It turned itself off and now I can't get it back on there. On top of that I can't figure out how to inspect people now or invite after clicking on them. So if anyone could advise me on these things that would be great.

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