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Originally Posted by Limb0 View Post
From other MMOs I've always played an evil sorcerer so when I first got WOW, I rolled an Undead Warlock. I joined a server where a bunch of friends from a previous MMO had gathered and they were all Alliance, so I abandoned the Undead and went Alliance.

Tough to be on the good side while being used to being so evil for so long so I remembered the first RPG character I ever made back in the Dungeons and Dragons days of dice and character sheets.. I made a character named Jimjimmy Squashfoot who was a Chaotic/Neutral Halfling Stout Theif.. so naturally I found the Gnome Rogue as the best fit.

Being a Gnome, I decided I'd be an Engineer and I loved the booty dance that they do. I saw this on a Youtube PvP video and thought this was hilarious especially after such a cute chr pwned someone so hard!

Also I have to agree with..
That's interesting. I never really have thought of either side to be good or evil, just different and in opposition to each other (unless united for common gain). I'd be willing to bet that some people see the horde as good and alliance as evil. That sort of goes against what may be the "typical" response
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