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Originally Posted by Shirik View Post
Uh.... no, I'm not going to be adding anything to datamine your character.

Why does the curse client do this anyway?
Curse has their own database sites (WoWDB for WoW, WarDB for Warhammer) and can produce character profiles. However as I said before, the Curse Client has went from automatically installing their data scraping AddOn to asking the user whether or not the user wishes to use this feature. Early beta builds of the new Curse Client installed the data scraper by default. However this behaviour was changed in later builds as a result of much feedback from the WoWAce/CurseForge community. Kaelten (the Big Kahuna) over at WoWAce has taken over development (quite some time ago acutally) of the Curse Client and he listens to feedback from the user base. Thus CC has changed a lot from the first beta builds and it acutally works quite nicely.

The problem is, many users tried the first few beta releases and have since judged the entire CC project from those early (and quite crappy) beta builds. Those users have not tried any of the latest releases of CC.

To users of any software product: Your software is only as good as the feedback you give to the developer(s). This is particularly true of any alpha/beta builds. Use the software, note any bugs, plus both what you like and don't like about the software. Then submit that feedback to the developer(s). Be complete, things like "it sucks", does not help the developer(s). If the project is using any of kind of bug tracking software (it should be) then use that software to submit your bug reports. Likewise submit usability feedback via that project's forums [or through other means stated by the developer(s)].
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