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Originally Posted by Shirik View Post
Uh.... no, I'm not going to be adding anything to datamine your character.
Excellent, I was just weary of this, the same way I get when a spider starts crawling towards me... what is that little guy up to?

Originally Posted by Lykofos View Post
...However as I said before, the Curse Client has went from automatically installing their data scraping AddOn to asking the user whether or not the user wishes to use this feature. Early beta builds of the new Curse Client installed the data scraper by default. However this behaviour was changed in later builds as a result of much feedback from the WoWAce/CurseForge community...
I didn't mean to imply that the Curse Client was bad. I just didn't like the datamining part of it which is not described as optional unless apparently, you download it..

Originally Posted by Curse.com
The client collects game data and submits is to our database sites
Originally Posted by Curse.com
Your character information and statistics will be uploaded to the database sites as well
Originally Posted by Curse.com
Information Collected by the Client

* Item statistics
* NPC information
o Mob health, location, drop rates, etc.
o Questgivers, item vendors, trainers, etc.
* Quest information, starting and end points, objectives, rewards
* Maps, zones, and locations
* Character profiles and statistics

A few years ago I was heavily Ace Addon based and I used the Ace Updater. This seems to have been replaced with the Curse Client but the Ace Updater didn't collect info, at least not that I was aware of in this manner. Cheers