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Lightbulb Not another Raid Frame post

Ok so i lied... but would you have looked at the post if i hadnt? lol

This is more of an observation for ya scott than anything else.
One week ago i purchased a new pc and with excitement and joy in my heart prepared to play wow with a fresh instal of nUI 5.0.1 Pro Live.
The game plays soooo much better now its a joy.
The wierd thing that ive come across though is that i am running with exactly the same mods as previously but on this pc the raid frames NEVER change as people or myself join and leave the group. I have to manualy change the frames.
Now at this point i have 5 pc's in my home. The 3 main ones all have exactly the same addons installed. The only differences between them is os/hardware/etc.
The new pc is running vista 64bit, the old one is running xp, and the wifes is running vista 32 bit. Those are my main pc's.
Frame switching for party/raid works perfectly on the other 2 pc's but not on the new 64bit machine. I have tried disabling everything but nUI, renaming the wtf, and basicly giving it a fresh start. Still not workin - tested using bg's. So being as the possibility of it being a hardware issue is pretty much nil, I am assuming at this point that it is either a glitch or something in 64bit vista thats preventing it from working. Why this would be is beyond me, but as sherloc would say 'when youve eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, is the correct answer'. Also have the common issue of not being able to move the bag bar.
I am going to wait for the next pro release as I think you will prob have one out soon, see if that resolves the problem, and if it dosnt ill look at trying a few things like running it in 32bit etc.

By the by, anyone else having this SPECIFIC issue in a similar senario? Help me feel a litle less psycho and speak up!
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