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Originally Posted by Limb0 View Post
Well, I downloaded the CC and turned off the datamining aspects of it, updated a few of my addons and now my autoloot keeps turning off. This never happened before and it's a real pain.
That has nothing to do with CC, likely another AddOn is messing with your AutoLoot. If you used a Loot AddOn previously, it may have changed some of its behaviour from when you first installed it. This does happen with any AddOn regardless of the site it was downloaded from.

]Isn't the idea of an upater to update your addons? It sounds like you're saying that if you update any addon, you will be datascraped.. Oh and after I closed the CC, then reopened it, none of the settings to not datascrape were saved. User beware!
If none of your settings where saved, then its a bug, post a ticket on CC's CurseForge page. Include all relevant data including the installed CC version, OS, etc.

Also, please look at the title of the program, "Curse Client". Note what it does not say, "Updater". Curse Client is an overall user installed program for the entire Curse network. WoW AddOn updating is just one of its features. Other games that support AddOns will likely get added in the future such as Wahammer Age of Reckoning.

The data scraping part of CC is done by one specific AddOn that the Curse Client installs. If that AddOn is NOT installed or is disabled, then CC can't datascrape. CC will ask you if you want to contribute data, if you select NO, then CC will not install the AddOn needed to data scrape. The only other bit of data scraping CC can do is from your Cache folder, however again, if you select NO to uploading data, then CC will not upload data.

The only data that is required is your Curse user name/password (to activate premium features) and your AddOn list so CC knows what AddOns that CC has installed (which it will update) and which AddOns CC did NOT install (which CC will not touch unless you tell it to). In this regard, CC is no different than other updater's such as WoWI's.
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