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My first character was a Night Elf Priest. In fact she is still my main raiding character.

I chose a Night Elf because they were different and full of fantasy which WoW is basically and dwarves and gnomes weren't my thing. Of course I couldn't be an evil horde ( stereotypical nonsense but there you go ).

I chose Priest because I like to help people and they are the ideal helper. As holy they heal and as shadow they help renew health and mana while also dealing damage.

I also have the combinations of Human Mage ( I love magic and well I'm human ), Human Warlock ( mwahahaha you get to have a minion ) and Night Elf Druid ( being English the druid side just fell into place ).

When Burning Crusade came out I made my Draenai Shaman. It was something new and the alliance didn't have shamans.
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