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Question Macro vs Action ID - DRAG=DUPLICATE GLITCH?

I hope this comes across as clearly as intended as I am hoping there is a simple resolution to this confounding -glitch-??

Generically, I set up the following bars:

BAR 1: button 1, button 2, button 3
BAR 2: button 1, button 2, button 3
BAR 3: button 1, button 2, button 3

all nine buttons are, by default, configured to handle themselves as a: MACRO, *not* Action id:# *or* Pet id:#

i.e.: BAR 1: (Macro) button 1, (Macro) button 2, (Macro) button 3

So the scenario unfolds thus:

I open up the WoWarcraft Macro interface ( /macro ) and +DRAG+ a custom Macro, we'll say its name is FindTarget (with a pre-selected image of a bullseye from the selection of icons offered) I have created from that interface directly onto:

BAR 1: (Action id:1) button 1

... what happens at this point is that this very same "FindTarget" Macro (with its 'Bullseye' icon) instantly appears on the following BARS' locations:

BAR 2: (Action id:1) button 1
BAR 3: (Action id:1) button 1

Also note that the "(Macro)" button type specification has also instantly changed on the very first Bar/button where I directly placed my custom "FindTarget" Macro to "(Action id:1)".

Note that I can only see the button type specification if I am in ''Button Edit'' mode. From here, I can left-click on the affected button(s) and toggle them in between any of these three button ''types''. If I switch it back to "(Macro)", my custom Macro (+icon, obviously?) disappears from view. I am then able to +drag+ some other =usable= Macro, or game item, to the Macaroon button bar.

For some reason, this unexpected behaviour is *NOT* 100% consistent. Sometimes I can +drag+ a quest item (that has a "Use" function) onto one of my Macaroon bar buttons and it does not affect any other buttons anywhere. Other times, it does not matter what I try, I cannot get Macaroon to cooperate with how I expect/anticipate to be able to utilize even a basic Macro button replacement interface.

I will not even delve into how it completely replaces the contents of my default WoWarcraft Macro bars' (1-6) buttons (1-9,0, -, =). Apparently I overlooked this in the provided(?) documentation somewhere?! So if I have to, for some ghastly reason, say a GUI -glitch-, have to disable Macaroon from the character choice screen or even on-the-fly, I do not even have my original action bar set-up available to me. I have to reconfigure it from scratch, afterwards. (Then, if I later go back to using Macaroon, there goes my default macro bars again! No... I will not pollute this topic with that mess... one thing at a time.