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Originally Posted by penchanter22 View Post
I hope this comes across as clearly as intended as I am hoping there is a simple resolution to this confounding -glitch-??

Generically, I set up the following bars:

BAR 1: button 1, button 2, button 3
BAR 2: button 1, button 2, button 3
BAR 3: button 1, button 2, button 3

all nine buttons are, by default, configured to handle themselves as a: MACRO, *not* Action id:# *or* Pet id:#

i.e.: BAR 1: (Macro) button 1, (Macro) button 2, (Macro) button 3

So the scenario unfolds thus:

I open up the WoWarcraft Macro interface ( /macro ) and +DRAG+ a custom Macro, we'll say its name is FindTarget (with a pre-selected image of a bullseye from the selection of icons offered) I have created from that interface directly onto:

BAR 1: (Action id:1) button 1

... what happens at this point is that this very same "FindTarget" Macro (with its 'Bullseye' icon) instantly appears on the following BARS' locations:

BAR 2: (Action id:1) button 1
BAR 3: (Action id:1) button 1

Also note that the "(Macro)" button type specification has also instantly changed on the very first Bar/button where I directly placed my custom "FindTarget" Macro to "(Action id:1)".

Note that I can only see the button type specification if I am in ''Button Edit'' mode. From here, I can left-click on the affected button(s) and toggle them in between any of these three button ''types''. If I switch it back to "(Macro)", my custom Macro (+icon, obviously?) disappears from view. I am then able to +drag+ some other =usable= Macro, or game item, to the Macaroon button bar.

For some reason, this unexpected behaviour is *NOT* 100% consistent. Sometimes I can +drag+ a quest item (that has a "Use" function) onto one of my Macaroon bar buttons and it does not affect any other buttons anywhere. Other times, it does not matter what I try, I cannot get Macaroon to cooperate with how I expect/anticipate to be able to utilize even a basic Macro button replacement interface.

I will not even delve into how it completely replaces the contents of my default WoWarcraft Macro bars' (1-6) buttons (1-9,0, -, =). Apparently I overlooked this in the provided(?) documentation somewhere?! So if I have to, for some ghastly reason, say a GUI -glitch-, have to disable Macaroon from the character choice screen or even on-the-fly, I do not even have my original action bar set-up available to me. I have to reconfigure it from scratch, afterwards. (Then, if I later go back to using Macaroon, there goes my default macro bars again! No... I will not pollute this topic with that mess... one thing at a time.
When making macros with Macaroon, it is best to make them with the Macaroon macro editor. While in button edit mode, right click the button.

The primary reason why dragging a Blizzard macro to a Macaroon button switches it to a button of "type" action is that in the past most people who write Blizzard macros but also use Macaroon want changes made in the Blizzard macro editor to reflect on buttons. When a Macaroon button is set to "macro" there is no direct link to Blizzard macros after-the-fact.

And since when an button using an action ID saves its contents server-side, they will reflect those changes on any button (Macaroon or not) using the same action ID's.

I may work on a scheme where a Macaroon macro button can be "linked" to a Blizzard macro, but that is a bit down the line

Currently the best way to go about it without messing with action ID's is to copy-paste Blizzard macros into the Macaroon macro editor.

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