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I spend all the day profiling and fixing OpenRDX.

OpenRDX 7.1.9

AuraIcons and auraBars have now two paint engine. The new one with sort operator and the old one without sort. You can enable/disable it from the feature option.

The first one use more memory, this is the price to have sorting buff/debuff.
The old one is better in performance.

All unitframes features have been review. I move all declaration of new variable inside closure code. The goal is to not have new variable in paint function.

Fix a old taint issue with grid_layout (rolf)

UnitExists of your raid members is now in cache. this will reduce some PIC FPS. (small freeze)

Test : I went to alterac with a full UI openRDX and two raidframes (40 members) open. Memory was up max to 24 Mo.

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