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Originally Posted by Fritts View Post
Ok I have the lastest version of Macaroon installed the one released on 4/16. My problem is that I use the action bars as dot timers. It shows cooldown text on actual spell icon. I love this. However, since 3.1 it is not functioning properly. I am a warlock and there are other locks in my raids. So if I do NOT cast Curse of Agony but another lock does, I get their cd on my action bar. Even if I do cast CoA but then they cast it again after me the CD is reset to their cooldown. THis works for all common spells not just CoA. It does it for Immolate and Corruption too. Which are all my dots. WHat can I do to fix this? THanks alot. BTW this is the best UI mod there is IMO

Fixed for the next update! and thanks!

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