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Binding Priorities

Hi, I have a question about making better binding priorities, especially in the case where the dynamic appearing and disappearing of bars may affect bindings.

What I have currently is a set up as follows:

1) A "Main" bar that has a two custom states:

[target,harm] which changes the bar to a new bar if the target is not friendly;
[] which covers all other states.

2) A "Vehicle/Possess" bar that appears in a different location.

I also have assorted other bars including a pet bar.

I bind all of the buttons on each bar; in my case it's 1 through 8.

What I would like to have happen is as follows.

- When I target an enemy, and press a keybind (ex: 1) then it'll cast an attack spell.
- When I target a friend, and press a keybind (ex: 1) then it'll cast a heal.
- If I am mounted, and press a keybind (ex: 1) then it'll do whatever the vehicle action is, such as "Fire Cannon".

However, because I use custom states in my Main bar, they override over the vehicle bar because I set the main bar to activate on target.

I had the bright idea of combining the "Main" bar with the vehicle bar, but you cannot have "Custom" and "Vehicle" checked at the same time when I tried it. Similarly, there's no state to check for vehicle as far as I could test (so [novehicle,target,harm] didn't count as a valid state).

Thus the programming sequence I'd like to see happen is:

if [on a vehicle]
do a vehicle action
else [if targetting an enemy]
do a harmful spell
do a friendly spell

Is there something you can do to help me attain this setup? Thanks.