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OK, I have an interesting problem... it's happened twice so far.

I have about 15 custom bars setup. All but two are always hidden, and of the two not hidden, only one is displayed at all times. Most of the buttons have key bindings.

Tonight I was trying to get a vehicle bar to work using the standard 1 - 7 keybindings. Once I bound the keys to the buttons, I discovered that the standard Blizzard button bindings (1-7) no longer worked.

So, I went back and removed the bindings from the custom vehicle bar, and then exited the Bind Edit mode. As soon as I did, ALL but 3 buttons lost their key bindings.

Again, this is the second time I've had all of my key bindings destroyed. Maul, have you seen this before? Or has anyone else?

Thank you for your time,