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I would suggest you find a way to separate this revenue stream from the rest of the ZAM premium subscription.

Sorry, but looking at the features of the ZAM membership for $3.33 essentially nets me a fully functioning user to another blog/forum, which I don't need. I got plenty of that for free as it is.

But, if you can offer me reliable or guaranteed add-on delivery from an updated actively-developed multi-platform tool, I'd pay to make it ad-free (though I'd like to evaluate an ad-based version first).

I would suggest something in the neighborhood of $1 to $1.99.

For $1, I would like to think you could cover the cost of a user updating daily. I would hope you would also include an opt-in where users could include an ongoing monthly donation to a general fund for add-on authors. Then I'd like to see the add-on authors be able to help decide how that money is spent (either author rewards or community upgrades).

For $1.99, you better tell me you've got some money being set aside each month for redistribution to the authors as part of the fee to be distributed like how I mentioned.

Features are a moot point to me. 90% or more of the user base just wants a one-button wonder. But the revenue issue has been quite prominent with this issue, so get that part right with this client, please. And try to beat or tie Curse in getting to that point.

That's my $0.02. I'm saving the other $1.97 for the monthly fee when the client comes out.