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Unhappy Mac Users?

While I'm happy for you in that you have managed to find a way to reclaim your bandwidth, I am deeply sorrowed to see WowMatrix go. You see, WowMatrix was really the only VIABLE updater for players who use Macs. Yes, Curse has technically has a Mac version, but it works horribly unreliably (and not at all if you have a version of the OS older than 1 year) and from what I understand is in complete disregard of Mac program UI standards; and WowInterface, from what I can tell, has never had a Mac client. And please don't make turn this into a "Mac sux buy a PC" thread---that's entirely off the point and offensive to many players.

My question is, does WowI plan on releasing a Mac version?

Frankly, I feel severly inconvenienced here in having to spend HOURS looking through two websites to update my more that 60 addons where I could previously do so in a couple minutes. I really hope you plan on supporting Macs, they are after all increasing in popularity, making their users an important part of your community.

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