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I have a prot pally, and so far he is definately one of the most fun toons to play. He levels pretty fast as well, due to AoE grinding though you should be [u]very[u] carefull while doing this as one slip up will end you up with a repair bill and my Avatar staring at you.

I've experimented in Ret, and it seems to be a pretty regular melee DPS based spec. For a bit it was insanely overpowered in PvP (I still have sore memories of getting murdered again and again by Draeni paladin twinks in BGs *shudder*). However, Bliz has nerfed em a bit, rightly so, so I would say make a warrior instead of a ret pally.

Holy spec is, well, holy. I love healing, so I specced this for a while, and pally heals hit for less than priests (with the same gear), but are WAY easier to level. All in all, choose what you wanna play.
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